that was [not] easy

i’m going to let you know what’s been going on in my life by telling you what i’ve learned is not easy over the last month or two.

hence, my list of things that are not easy:

1. death. i’m still trying to figure all that out, because of the death of my friend esquire. it’s still very much a part of my daily life. there is something missing in seminary hall at drew university. i miss you, esquire and know your spirit is here with me.

2. flatware choices. matt and i created our first wedding registries last week! i didn’t realize until then how difficult it is to choose flatware/silverware (my grandma corrected me in that term. no longer will i call it silverware). we did have fun, and are excited about some of our finds.

3. christian ethics. this class might kill me this semester. it is over my head a bit, and i’m kind of confused. i want to love it, but i’m having trouble loving it. maybe i’ll find help, soon.

4. wedding planning. i wish my wedding would plan itself. i just do not have time to dedicate to my wedding, which is going to make it super simple and happy and about the marriage itself. i’m happy, but wow. organizing bridesmaids, fittings, etc. is tough work. i do not envy wedding coordinators.

5. reading all the assignments for seminary. yeah, that will never happen. especially being a full-time student with 2 jobs and a 5 hour/week internship.

6. change. we’re about 3 months into a pastoral change at the church i work at. change, for anyone, is not something that is easy. we are all learning, and i think it will bring great things to the church.

7. waiting. matt and i are so ready to get married. do we really have to wait until may?

i think that’s all for now. i’m sure there are more things, but i can’t think of all of them. i’m learning, and growing in this stage at seminary and learning  a lot about myself.




to photobooth or not to photobooth

some people i know went to a wedding recently that had a photobooth. they loved it, and made the suggestion to have one at our wedding. the one they experienced was the kind you find at the movie theatre that looks a little something like this:


it’s not that i don’t love this idea. personally? i think it’s a bit tacky. i mean, it is a nice occassion and to have something that belongs in a movie theatre is a bit, well, weird. you then get 2 copies of your pictures, one for you and one to put in a scrapbook type thing. i’m not sure how i feel about that.

however, then i saw this post on weddingbee by mrs. avacado and kind of fell in love with the idea of a not-so-movie-theatre-like photobooth. some wedding photographers call it a “smilebooth.”

photos get produced like this:

source: weddingbee post from above

check out this website (image is found) with some other fun examples.

i mean, how fun is that? props are involved, and it’s pretty much a white screen held up and a camera that doesn’t develop on demand — you get the pictures later and they come with a disc and everything. our photographer doesn’t really do that, but i’m sure we could set it up ourselves. i’ve been looking on weddingbee and other sites to see what people have said.

i’m not sure, however, that i want that distraction at our wedding. i want people to be out on the dance floor (which i’m told will be tough anyway, considering it’s an afternoon wedding) not worrying about the props in the photobooth. however, i’ve seen really fun photos produced using creative props, like chalkboard/dry erase…

did you have a photobooth at your wedding? if so, what kind and how did it work out?

say yes to the dress?

so, for those of you who forgot, i’m getting married on may 26 of next year. matt and i have been engaged since august, and we have a lot of stuff done. place, dj, photographer, officiant, etc.

however, one thing i’ve been holding off on is the dress. on mother’s day, my mom, sister, aunt, grandma, and myself took my first adventure into dress shopping. we went to david’s bridal because it was the only place open on a sunday, even though i was already thinking i wouldn’t find anything there.

it was a seriously overwhelming experience. they definitely don’t show that part on TLC’s “say yes to the dress.” maybe they do, but i don’t watch that carefully. you see, i’m not a cookie cutter person. which means cookie cutter dresses don’t work for me. i tried on about 7 dresses, none of which impressed me. sure, they were gorgeous. but they overwhelmed my short stature, and were too “girly.” (note: my roommate in college and i would play games where we would try and figure out who was more girly. the goal was to score the least amount of points)

so, i haven’t been shopping since. i have been tearing out dresses from magazines, but don’t want to spend a zillion dollars but want something unique. my mom was talking to the woman who makes the skating dresses for our teams (del arbour — she is amazingly talented and does beautiful work) and told her that i am getting married, to which del responded, “oh my gosh! if i’d have known, i’d make her dress” (almost assuming i was already married or getting married next week). my mom told me and i got SO EXCITED at this prospect. so, we called her back the next day and my mom asked…

and del said YES to making my wedding dress 🙂 don’t worry though, i don’t think it will look like a skating dress (although my future father-in-law thought it would be cute if i got married in a skating dress) so, in some ways, i said yes to the dress. we are going up to her shop in CT in 2 weeks to sit down and design. which means i have to get to work figuring out what i want. that will be tough, because i am so indecisive. but, i’m so excited about having something personal and so special!

what would you want if you were getting a custom-made wedding dress? how would you go about designing it?