About me

i’m kaleigh. what else can i say other than i’m a really campy person. meaning my life revolves around finding creative ways to express myself. i’m known to dress in bright colors, wear my hair up in a bun, carry around a backpack with way too many keychains. my childhood was spent up at a summer camp in the woods of new jersey (wait, jersey has woods?) and it had a huge impact on who i am today.

people have called me wide-smiled and sparkly-eyed 🙂

being campy infects my entire being. i’m a synchronized skating coach, youth pastor at a united methodist church, and a seminary student at drew university. i’m currently discerning my call to ministry, and in the ordination process for the umc. i’m engaged, and getting married on may 26, 2012 to a wonderful man, matt, who is so supportive (and…campy…).

i am constantly trying to find quiet in the midst of a crazy life, and my idea of spirituality is having some silence. i often find myself praying in the car, or while walking.

questions? i might have answers. you should ask. follow me on twitter, where my ramblings are quite common.


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