welcome to lent

welcome to lent 2012.

although we are already 3 days in, it seems appropriate to begin a practice of blogging everyday — as part of my methodist roots to “take something on” for lent. lent often times takes form of deprivation, but i view it as a time to grow closer to god.

in november, i had the change to visit mars hill church in grand rapids, michigan where rob bell used to be the pastor. they have a fantastic experiential lenten calendar which i used last year as well. they give recommendations of something to do everyday. it is very different from anything i had ever heard of, and am planning on using it.

while some years i have given things up: soda, meat…other years, i have tried to take things on. lent should not only be a season in which we “fast from” but also one in which we “live to” — which i think, is where the mars hill church is focusing in on. they say on their calendar that

“by fasting from certain things, we practice dying to ourselves. by refocusing our lives, living to god, we intentionally choose things that help us become the kind of people God desires us to be”

this is a wonderful practice, and i’d encourage you to do a little bit of both this lenten season, as we move closer and closer toward that something new that god is doing in the mystery of jesus’ death and resurrection.

may you have a blessed lenten season in which you grow closer to the god that loves us unconditionally. i’d appreciate you sharing what you are doing this lenten season to grow closer to god 🙂