the one where i tell you what i’m into

inspired by sarah over at emerging mummy, i’m going to tell you what i’m into this summer, since i haven’t had much time to post. i’ve been away on mission trips and doing wedding things.

what i am into — summer 2011 edition

well, being a youth pastor means it’s that time of year where mission trips happen. i posted about my experience at the RISE workcamp, and i just returned home from our jr. high camp up to the heifer international overlook farmin rutland, mass. we spent time in the global village, living and learning about how people in countries around the world. we milked goats, hung out with a camel, cooked our own meals, learned about sustainability and ate fresh vegetables. you know it’s a successful trip when a youth posts on her facebook that it was “one of the most eye opening experiences of my entire life.”

what’s on my nightstand?
i’m currently reading Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares —  it’s the 5th book in the sisterhood of the traveling pants series which i read as a teenager. it’s neat to read their stories ten years later, since they were similar to my age now and are now in their thirties as she writes in this book. if you were a fan of them, i’d highly recommend it.

what do i want to read?
well, i like to read fiction in the summer since i read all year long in seminary. currently on my list though?

the help by kathryn stockett
something borrowed (and the rest of the series) by emily giffin

i can’t make too long of a want to read list because i never read them all. my bookshelves are swarming.

what tv shows are worth watching?
when i watch tv, it’s quite rare. my favorites right now: dirty jobs, river monsters, family guy, parenthood, glee, anything on tlc …

what movies have i seen or want to see?
i’m seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 tonight and i’m SO EXCITED. my roommate in college is obsessed with harry potter and got me into it as well. i haven’t been to the movies lately, but also want to see the hangover 2 and winnie the pooh 🙂

what’s in my ears?
currently, coldplay’s new song every teardrop is a waterfall. it’s an awesome song. i highly recommend it. i’m also into u2 right now because i’m going to their concert next week. i’m super excited.

what are you looking forward to next month?
well, now that my mission trips are done, i get a week at camp! 🙂 which is one of my favorite places to be. after that, it’s off to ohio for a skating camp and coaches college. then, vacation with matt and his family to the outer banks. i’m so looking forward to that. then, crazy begins with the skating kick-offs, VBS at the church, and school starts. summer is pretty much over.

anyway, i leave you with a picture of my favorite camel, abu, who lives at the farm in massachusetts.

what are you into these days? 






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