to photobooth or not to photobooth

some people i know went to a wedding recently that had a photobooth. they loved it, and made the suggestion to have one at our wedding. the one they experienced was the kind you find at the movie theatre that looks a little something like this:


it’s not that i don’t love this idea. personally? i think it’s a bit tacky. i mean, it is a nice occassion and to have something that belongs in a movie theatre is a bit, well, weird. you then get 2 copies of your pictures, one for you and one to put in a scrapbook type thing. i’m not sure how i feel about that.

however, then i saw this post on weddingbee by mrs. avacado and kind of fell in love with the idea of a not-so-movie-theatre-like photobooth. some wedding photographers call it a “smilebooth.”

photos get produced like this:

source: weddingbee post from above

check out this website (image is found) with some other fun examples.

i mean, how fun is that? props are involved, and it’s pretty much a white screen held up and a camera that doesn’t develop on demand — you get the pictures later and they come with a disc and everything. our photographer doesn’t really do that, but i’m sure we could set it up ourselves. i’ve been looking on weddingbee and other sites to see what people have said.

i’m not sure, however, that i want that distraction at our wedding. i want people to be out on the dance floor (which i’m told will be tough anyway, considering it’s an afternoon wedding) not worrying about the props in the photobooth. however, i’ve seen really fun photos produced using creative props, like chalkboard/dry erase…

did you have a photobooth at your wedding? if so, what kind and how did it work out?


4 thoughts on “to photobooth or not to photobooth

  1. it sounds like a cool idea but at the same time i see where the problems could lie. like i said on twitter, i’ll be dancing the whole time. it’s my favorite part of the reception. 🙂

    having the props one, including a dry erase could create some great memories for you both.

  2. FWIW as encouragement, I was worried about people dancing at our wedding because it was also in the afternoon, and I’m not even a big dancer myself, and I was worried the space would be awkward for it. BUT, people danced a fair amount and seemed to have fun! So I think especially if YOU’RE into it, people will follow suit. 🙂

  3. I think if you can do it yourself and it’s not too costly why not! I doubt it will be a distraction from other festivities, but maybe just one more fun thing for everyone to do. And you’ll have some great/funny photos. I know the table cameras are cheesy (I did them because I like cheesy!), but I see this as an extension of that. I vote yes, but of course you should only have what you guys want at your wedding!!!

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