a belated father’s day post.

i stand in hallmark stores and cry when i try and find my dad a father’s day card. you see, it has to be just right. it has to say dad, not father. it has to say how blessed i am. there are all these rules. and it must make me cry. i’m sure the people shopping with me are always wondering what is her problem?

well, for those who don’t know, my parents were divorced when i was very young. my mom got remarried when i was 5. yes, i slept at the reception. missed everything. oh well.

flower girl - 1992

my step-dad, no, my dad has been nothing but supportive and has loved me and cared for me as his own. blood doesn’t matter. i’ve never felt less than anyone else, and i’m really now starting to realize how lucky i am.

we bonded immediately over hockey. he and i would go to nj devils games, and we would play pond hockey on my aunt’s lake:

we also spent time eating carvel ice cream, and played super nintendo.

i could go on for hours. i would say that he is the most influential person in my life, and has taught me more about love than anything else. Because Glenn has loved me unconditionally even though he didn’t have to, I can really truly understand the love that God has for all of us.

We rarely talk about religion around our dinner tablee, but through the actions of my immediate family, I have learned a lot about acceptance, love, and family. I see God in the actions of them, in the love that Glenn has shown me when he did not have too. I grew up with too many people who did not get along with their step-parents.  my story is different.

Jesus didn’t hate people, and loved people, especially those on the margins –knowing this, and experiencing that kind of love on a daily basis has helped me develop a theology of how we should love everyone. it doesn’t matter if we are different — such as the fact that I may be the only blonde-haired, blue-eyed person in the room at family dinner — we are called to love those different than us, and accept them for who we are. We also then begin to realize that God loves everyone. Once we discover that love, our lives begin to take meaning. this unconditional love cannot be taken away, and my understanding of this has developed from a man who has raised me to be the person i am today.

i love you, glenn! you are the best dad ever 🙂

mom, me, dad @ graduation 2009


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