the one where we celebrate three years

three years ago today, i had just broken off a pretty serious relationship, and was a mess.

i called up my friend, matt. who came to target with me and then helped me get in a better mood by offering to play a game of mario party and watch office space.

a simple game of mario party turned into a kiss … and well, the rest is history. i won’t bore you with the romantic details.

needless to say, today i’m thankful. for this kid, right here:

haha. i love this picture of him ❤

he is so supportive of my endeavors.
he keeps me grounded.
he keeps my head out of the clouds.
he reminds me that i take life too seriously sometimes.
he gets me.
he drives me absolutely crazy sometimes, but i love him anyway 🙂

i couldn’t ask for a better life partner. i can’t believe we are getting married in less than a year. it’s crazy. more to come on the wedding stuff.

i’m thankful for you, matthew 🙂

now, to leave you with this adorable picture…

photo of us circa 2001


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