the one where i celebrate 24 years

i had a birthday on friday!

i am just now 24 years young. nearly a quarter of a century.

i am officially more than half my mom’s age — she was 23 when i was born, so last year she was seriously crazed at the fact that i was half her age.

on top of white face mountain

aw. aren’t we cute? this was shortly after my first birthday, nearly 23 years ago.

i like birthdays, and they make me reflect back on the last year of my life, and toward the next year as well. this next year, my twenty-fourth year, holds many changes.

i’m getting married. i will be 24 when i get married. (granted, i turn 25 just a few hours after, but that’s not the point). this is the year i will become a wife, which is nuts. this also leads me to the next one…

i will no longer be living in my parents house. this one has been tough for me to swallow. i love living with my parents, despite our minimal arguments.

i’m going to india. on my drew cross cultural trip. matt is concerned that this trip will change my life, and i won’t want to marry him anymore. well, dear, that won’t be the case.

i’m hoping for some other things, but i can’t quite share them yet. because i’m not 100% sure.

regardless, i’m thankful for my 24 years on earth, and i know that the next year will be wonderful.

i know this post hasn’t been anything super exciting, and i apologize for that. this week, i am headed to the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. It should be a good time, with fun fellowship and holy conferencing. i’m sure i’ll blog while there.

peace to you!


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